Role of Serbian youth in the process of Serbia’s accession to the European Union

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eurocomOn the 15th of May at 5.30pm, at “Nova Iskra” (43 Gavrila Principa street) within the “UNESCO School for Economic and Social development” programme, a lecture will be held by Matija Matoković, who works as a Policy Officer for the European Comission.

The topic of the lecture is “Role of Serbian youth in the process of Serbia’s accession to the European Union” where the lecturer will try to explain the importance and the positive outcomes of the negotiation process through a presentation showing the history and development of the European Union, description of its work and description of changes which the candidate countries go through during the negotiation process.

Matija Matoković graduated from the University of Zagreb as a software engineer, and earned a Master’s degree in Technology Policy at Cambridge. In addition to his academic degrees, Matija has worked in non-governmental associations that are involved in European integration, and later, participated in the process of Croatia’s accession to the European Union.

UNESCO School for Economic and Social development is intended for students who are interested in complementing their knowledge by following the programme of lectures held by renowned lecturers from prestigious world universities (Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Sorbonne). Within this program, the lecturers will share their valuable knowledge to our youth. This is the best way for students to acquire the methodology of thinking and professional culture, from top quality and successful professionals, that is required in today’s business world.

Lectures are intended as a set of classes that will be held once every two weeks, for a duration of 2 hours. In order to succesfuly track the lectures, as well as the opportunity to participate in interactive parts of the classes, knowledge of the English language is necessary. The goal of the programme is to provide the youth with unique knowledge and skills that are needed in today’s job market.

Admission to the lecture is free.

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