Paul-Judge6On the 26th of february, 2015, in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, an educational programme of the University Club for UNESCO, named “UNESCO School for Economic and Social development” , has been officially opened. The first lecture was held by Sir Paul Judge, Chairman of the British – Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Alderman of the City of London and founder of the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge.

University Club for UNESCO was founded by students from Belgrade, it is the first student branch of UNESCO network in Southeastern Europe. Primarily, the guests were welcomed by the host, the president of the CCIS Mirjana Kovačević. The programme of the school was announced by the president of the University Club for UNESCO, Kosta Živanović, and Sir Paul Judge was appropriately announced by the Federal adviser to the French Federation of UNESCO, Aleksandar Protić.

Harvard University Center for European Studies and the Harvard College South Slavic Society brought to light, on Wednesday afternoon, February 11, 2015 a new face of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. Electrical engineer and prolific inventor, Nikola Tesla is one of the few scientists who dedicated himself to achieving peace in a very tangible way. Tesla developed a number of inventions that could prevent wars. Tesla embodied his pacifism through several types of invention: machines for the prevention of armed conflict, energy shields, and the development of teleautomatics.