a.proticAleksandar Protić is a Federal Counselor at UNESCO Federation of France, Director of Tesla Memory Project at University of Sorbonne, and the Honorary Ambassador of UNESCO Tesla Initiative at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After completion of Magister Artium at Sorbonne University, he followed specialized courses, in several countries, in fields of negotiations, diplomacy and communication. Aleksandar cooperates with Nobel prize laureates, internationally reputed scientists, activists, and civil society. He is among the youngest lecturers of the Prime Minister of France National School of Governance, Sorbonne University and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. For his activities, he received several high-level recognitions from the representatives of international organisations, ministers, scientific associations, museums and civil society. Protić is actively engaged in UNESCO activities by organizing high-level conferences and designing educational, cultural and scientific programs. Beside UNESCO projects,he is very dedicated to the popularisation of science, lecturing at Sorbonne, Cambridge, Oxford, in many educational, scientific and cultural institutions.

The Award honours extraordinary activities in the spirit of the UNESCO constitution.

UNESCO Club Award for Peace Education honours an individual who excels in the work of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, reconciliation, education for peace, promotion of international peace and good will, in accordance with the Constitution of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the United Nations Charter.